Quality Policy

International Shipping Ltd (ISL) is focussed on maintaining the highest standards of customer care and service for all aspects of their cargo needs.

ISL is currently pursuing quality certification for the many processes and systems which have been developed over the years. We see ourselves as a customer-driven organisation in which no call should ever go unanswered or unsatisfied.

This statement applies to all premises and activities within the control of ISL. In order to achieve our quality goals, ISL has developed the following objectives:

•  Quality Service – ISL promotes customer service as the main differentiating factor in meeting customer expectations and maintaining our industry position. We strive to exceed customer expectations from quotation to final delivery. We invest in resources to ensure that customer interaction is always a friendly and professional experience.

•  Quality People – ISL endeavours to hire the best industry personnel for all areas of focus. We communicate our quality standards and requirements to all levels of staff and business associates to deliver a seamless service to customers. The provision of training in customer service and technical functions to keep ISL a service-driven workplace.

•  Quality Control - To continually improve quality control systems and processes for all deliverables. To document the best practices developed over the years in a reference folder readily accessible to and understood by all team members.

•  Quality Relationships - To seek out and associate with business partners that understand our expectations and performance levels and that have a records of compliance with such standards on their own.